From an early age Joost Steenkamer has been fascinated by Indian monks, legendary golfers and imposing skyscrapers. This fascination began as a teenager during his time in the Far East and grew with the travels he later made as a professional golfer.


Spiritual inspiration and a person's place of origin are regularly seen in Steenkamer's work. His studio is located in Haarlem, The Netherlands. Next to the studio is his self-created outdoor place of peace and earthly connection called Amen Corner, the meeting place of three characters from which he has drawn inspiration over the years.


These three characters are Mister MOT (moment of truth), the golfer who creates a mechanical advantage by starting from his impact position, Swingende Kwast (Swinging Brush), the painter/ beautifier and Swami Dhyan Akash, the yogi on his journey to the pineal gland.


Steenkamer's work ranges from paintings to sculptures, using a wide variety of materials. Wooden objects made from red cedar and oak, bent, milled or processed in any way. There is a furniture line and abstract work like the Thought Filter. A scale model of the elegant NY skyscraper, 432 Park Avenue, stands at the entrance to Amen Corner next to his studio in Haarlem.


The word UGURU is formed by connecting three syllables u, gu and ru. In Sanskrit, the ancient Indian language of the God’s, gu means invisible while ru means visible. The concept of GURU is all encompassing. The guru is your guide or spiritual preceptor in the invisible world as well as the teacher who leads you from ignorance to knowledge when it comes to worldly matters.


Whatever you pursue, it is always a work in progress. Whether you are honing your technique as a golfer, an athlete, a painter, a musician, an artist or a disciple on the spiritual path, if you succeed in uniting your visible body with your invisible body you will be closer to realising your potential.


The human spine can be seen as our primary control. All actions are accomplished through it. In the UGURU GALERY you can find various paintings and wooden objects with lines running in various directions. Objects such as skyscrapers emphasize the vertical which in Steenkamer’s work represents the human spine.  From the tailbone to the top of the head (and beyond) lies the primary control. ‘When doing work keep the attention at the top and watch the breath,’ advices his GURU.


Horizontal lines represent the female principle, diagonal lines the universal principle. The fourth dimension is time, which is limited. Our objective is to not waste time and the opportunities we are given.

“You must not let your life play out in the ordinary way, do something nobody else has done, show the world that Gods creative principle works in you.” - Paramahamsa Yogananda.


Mother earth is the source of our food and raw materials. There is plenty of both, but lots is wasted. We buy and throw away. This happens on a large and smaller scale, at home, in restaurants and at the office. As an artist Steenkamer applies the no-waste philosophy as much as possible. Using raw materials found on the street, in dump containers, giving them a second life.


Steenkamer enjoys making things more attractive by the addition or omission of decorative details and features. He enjoys thinking about the usage of things and how to improve efficiency. He enjoys thinking about the creative proces and coming up with new ideas. How as individuals we can be more disciplined and waste less.


The Guru Mantra says; “Our creation is that guru. The duration of our life is that guru. Our trials and tribulations, illnesses, calamities and the death of the body is that guru. There is a guru nearby, there is a guru beyond the beyond. I make my offerings to the beautiful remover of my darkness, my ignorance. It is to you that I bow and lay down my life.” 


“When you are doing any work, through this work you can watch your soul. The moment you will seek the soul, you will get inner peace.” - Paramahamsa Hariharananda. 

With a bit of divine intervention we hope you find something in the UGURU GALLERY that touches your soul. If and when it does please know that with your purchase you directly contribute to the Hand in Hand Foundation giving humanitarian aid to the poorest and most vulnerable, mostly in India.


Thanks for visiting the UGURU GALLERY. We look forward to welcoming you again.

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